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Excerpt from WUSF News: 

From Female Footballer To Opera Singer

"If there ever was a "typical opera singer," Ashley Thunder Lowe is not it. She grew up thinking that you get an education, then work hard at a job from 9-to-5.

That work ethic has taken the Tampa resident on an interesting route, including a stint as a professional football player in the Lingerie Football League. These days, however, her focus is on music, or more specifically classical opera.

So how did this former college athlete wind up singing music by Bach and Puccini? It's a funny story, Thunder Lowe said..."


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Excerpt from

Undersized overachievers: Ashley Lowe and Kendriqua Johnson

They’re the oddballs, the longshots; the dots at the far end of the bell curve in the measurement of physical size and football potential.

They are the players you dismiss in the line-up because you see the small girl holding a football helmet and think she doesn’t have game.

You would be wrong.

Ashley Lowe of the Tampa Breeze and Kendriqua Johnson of the Dallas Desire are two players who play bigger than they really are.

Ashley is 5’3″. Kendriqua is 5’1″. They’re both outstanding football players that will stand up taller, stronger players in the open field.


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"Ashley Thunder Lowe brought grace and humor to the Countess role."

"The gifted soprano soared on a solo in the third act, where she recalls her past happiness with the Count..."​


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